Who We Are

Renu Bio Life Ltd.

RENU Bio Life is a health care company which successfully launched Osolumio™ brand. Our own unique technology of the disinfectant was designed to target residential, commercial, and public market with a reasonable price.

Fusion Light Technology

Our Fusion Light Technology was invented to create continuous and unrestricted disinfectant to kill the deadly bacteria and viruses. After a continuous research with several reliable organizations, we finally succeeded to invent the Fusion Light Technologythat possesses the germicidal effects with the side effects of conventional disinfectants removed. Fusion Light Technologywas named after its combination of the visible light at wavelength of 405nm and Infrared radiation at wavelength of 850nm. We are proud to introduce our innovative LED technology which is certified by several organizations for its guaranteed germicidal capabilities and safety.

We will continue to research and analyze the market needs and promise to ensure our team is providing proper direction for your satisfaction. We do not hesitate to change our approaches to better suit your needs if necessary.   
We will help our society to enjoy a healthy and improved quality of life and that is what Osolumio™ is about.