What is Osolumio™

The health crisis in 2020 impacted us to rethink hygiene management in households and commercials. The soaring demand for disinfectants, thus the potential health hazards of chemical and UV disinfectants motivated us to develop safer disinfectants.


Why New Cleaning and Disinfecting Solutions are Required

There are many products available to prevent the spread of germs; however, the products such as UVC disinfectants or hand sanitizers require caution to use, especially for households with a child to avoid severe health impacts.


UV Disinfection and Hand Sanitizer

Ultraviolet (UV) thoroughly sterilizes anything in its path upon exposure but also consists of the risks of severe sunburns, eye defects, and cancer. Using hand sanitizer is also not a perfect way to stay safe as it can be toxic to kids and hazardous to the environment. Moreover, the temporal effects of those products offset the product benefits as it leads to overuse.

We have worked many years towards finding a solution to these issues and offer a new method that prevents people from being exposed to bacteria and germs. We are confident that our new technology can offer an alternate solution and reduce plastic waste.



 Who We are 

Osolumio™ is the Renu Bio Life Ltd project that aims to build a healthy environment to improve the overall quality of life. As the pandemic began, we realized the lack of technological advances and capacity in the disinfectant market. To create a better tomorrow, Renu Bio Life Ltd will lead the way in creating advanced technology and a safer environment.