What is Osolumio™

Since 2020, our world is facing a new normal life. The importance of disinfectant and sanitization has grown much more significant. 

What’s the current solution to the problem? 

There also have been various efforts to overcome the pandemic, such as utilizing hand sanitizers and UV-C products. However, these products have limitations as well as some side effects.


UV light and hand sanitizer. 

UV destroys all microns on exposure, completely sterilizing anything in its path, including humans. And this creates new problems; sunburns, eye defects, and cancer in extreme cases. Also, hand sanitizer can be toxic to your kids and hazardous to the environment. And both of the solutions are only working temporarily. The bacteria and germs can quickly repopulate on the surface after few seconds to few minutes. We cannot keep bacteria and germ-free environments for 24 hours.

After realizing these problems, we tried to solve and invent a new and safe way to protect people from dangerous bacteria and germs. After years of research, we are finally able to create our technology, called ‘Fusion Light Technology™,’ which is totally safe and strong enough to kill almost all bacteria and germs.


Why Osolumio?

We Renu Bio Life Ltd. felt that current solutions available in markets are not good enough. It felt like a temporary solution. There must be another way to keep our place cleaner and safer without risks. It just made sense, and years of research began.

We noticed that there was a particular wavelength rather than UVC that acts as good enough as UVC. Some healthcare facilities and operating rooms that require high sanitization and disinfectant already use this specific wavelength. 

However, due to high cost and maintenance fees, it did not fit for residential use. 

Why can't we use this unique wavelength at our home? Is there a way to make it more effective and affordable?

That's how Osolumio™ was born. It brings hospital-grade sanitation to any home, office, or room.