We are continuously committed to making safe products for all family members with ‘Fusion Light Technology™’ that is harmless to the human body.

 Anti-virus test 

*Irradiation distance: 20mm
  • After irradiating Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus (HRSV), there was an >99.98% kill rate. This is equal to log3.75.
  • After irradiating Rotavirus A, there was an >99.68% kill rate. This is equal to log2.50.

 Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal test 

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effectively suppress the growth of bacteria and fungi and can prevent damage caused by them.
*Irradiation time: 4 hr
  • At 50cm (or 1.64 feet) in distance there was a 99.9% kill rate of E. Coli after 8 hours

 Experiment on Decomposition 


 Experiment on Mutation 


 Experiment on E.coli 


 Photo-biological test 

The photo-biological test has shown that Osolumio™ light was 100% harmless on the human body, ensuring the product’s safety.