How It Works



 Fusion Light Technology™ 


Fusion Light Technology™ is our innovative technology offering safer disinfection light that replaces UV light. After years of study, we found the two different wavelengths being capable of disinfection with synthetizing technology.


The 405nm inactivates pathogens by destroying only bacterial DNA structures. Additionally, IR helps kill bacteria and viruses with heat as dry heat process is in part of disinfection.


 How It Works 

Osolumio™ light initiates a photo-reaction with endogenous non-iron porphyrin molecules found only in microorganisms. The porphyrin molecules are photoactivated. Osolumio™ light frequencies excite the porphyrins, causing a break-off of excess Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). The Reactive Oxygen Species leads to cell lysis and inactivates the bacteria, preventing it from re-populating the surface or travelling to further surfaces or hosts. Similarly, Osolumio™ light can suppress the growth of virus by blocking the virus' docking to hosts. As a result, without any hosts to reproduce with, the virus will not be able to survive. 


 Danger of UVC 


UV is the light in the 100-380nm wavelength and is divided into UVA, UVB, and UVC based on wavelength. The most germicidal wavelengths commonly used for sterilization or disinfection occur in the 200-280nm range, which is commonly known as UVC.

Unlike Osolumio™ light, UVC is harmful to the human body, and many studies have shown the danger of UVC and is not recommended for use on skin or eyes directly. UVC disinfectants also damage the molecules’ DNA and RNA directly, and can change the structure itself. It is also known to cause severe damage to eyes, skin and even lungs.