Where to Use 





Clean air in public transport! Bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the ambient air: This means that there is an increased risk of infection in all public areas. The indoor air in waiting rooms, elevators and public transport regularly becomes a carrier of disease.



Osolumio™ disinfection is suitable for check-in counter, self check-in kiosk, information counter, rest rooms and so on. It can be also used to disinfect and sanitize during the security check areas where the passengers and airport security staffs are crowded.



Osolumio™ reduces germs! Osolumio™ fusion rays are probably one of the most innovative methods that is applicable for decontamination. Unlike hazardous UV rays, Osolumio™ use combined ray of visual light and infrared light which is completely safe as well as effectively disinfecting. 



 Germ-free production 

We recommend the installation of our Osolumio™ technology for both air and surfaces. You can be sure that the entire product line guarantees optimal conditions for hygienic and nearly germ-free production. The projected Osolumio™ radiation reliably cleanses the air of microorganisms and prevents them from multiplying.

 Animal breeding & Hobbies 

In professional animal breeding and poultry farm as well as home fish-tank, Osolumio™ technology is an effective means against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Expensive vaccinations and medications can often be reduced or even eliminated altogether, thereby reducing the cost and significantly improving the quality.



In food and medical laboratories, environment control is critical and key to successful findings. This is because the environment can cause severe implications on the surveillance of quality and results. Osolumio™ will help researchers maintain the laboratories germ-free space to assure the best research results.