The risk of hand sanitizers and UVC products.

The risk of hand sanitizers and UVC products.

We live in unprecedented time where the new COVID-19 virus outbreak has affected many areas of our daily life, both physically and mentally. We all try hard to survive and pass through this time together, relying on each other. There also has been various efforts to overcome the pandemic, such as utilizing hand sanitizers and UV-C products. However, these products have limitations as  well as some side effects.  


How many times do you use hand sanitizers a day? You are probably already experiencing the unfavorable side effect of the hand sanitizers. With the hand sanitizer, your hands become easily  dry and cracked. This is more serious than it sounds, as it can increase the risk of Eczema and skin  irritation. The primary disinfecting ingredients in the hand sanitizer are formulated along with  thickeners, softeners, and fragrances to decrease strong smell of the alcohol. If you have sensitive  skin, the effects can be worse and case severe discomfort. Children are more susceptible to the  adverse impacts. For these reasons, it is recommended to minimize using hand sanitizers. 


UV-C products that are commonly found in the market can damage the eyes, skin and even lungs.  There have been reports of skin and eye burns resulting from improper installation of UVC products in places. This is because the light wave of UV-C radiation that is designed to kill  bacteria and virus is not meant to be exposed to places where people reside. Unlike Osolumio™  light, UVC light directly impacts the DNA and RNA of bacteria and virus and transforms the  structures to cease reproduction. This also applies to the DNA and RNA in the human body leading to increasing the risk of skin cancer, premature ageing, cataracts, eye disorders, and many  more implications.  

You do not need to worry about any side effects with Osolumio™. Osolumio™ uses completely safe  disinfection light, which is harmless to the human body and pets. Defend yourself and your loved ones safely with Osolumio™.  
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