First Portable Non-UV Device That Kills up to 99.9% Surface Bacteria and Viruses

First Portable Non-UV Device That Kills up to 99.9% Surface Bacteria and Viruses

Vancouver, BC: March 7, 2021 - Vancouver-based Renu Bio Life Ltd. is primed to release OsolumioTM, a mobile non-UV device that destroys bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air.

OsolumioTM - the latest breakthrough in sanitation technology - utilizes certified Fusion Light Technology, a perfect replacement solution for commonly found hand sanitizers and UV-C sanitation lights which can cause multiple issues, such as skin irritation.
Environmentally-friendly and sustainable due to its long-lasting and energy-efficient LED modules, Fusion Light Technology possesses germicidal effects without the side-effects of conventional disinfectants.
Entirely safe for family and pets, OsolumioTM has dual lighting modes - sterilization and regular light - and can be used anywhere and everywhere in the home. It comes with mounting holders, enabling the user to power the device via a micro USB port using a portable battery pack or an AC adapter.

Fusion Light TechnologyTM is the combination of 405nm + IR which is OsolumioTM's own invention, a continuous disinfectant with the synergistic effects of the light from two different wavelengths. The 405nm can kill various types of bacteria & viruses by stopping the growth. At the same time, IR also helps to eliminate more effectively by using the heat.
The technology has been certified by multiple national institutions, such as UL Certification, IC Certification, FCC Certification, and KC Standard. It was proven by Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR) to be effective against Coronavirus 229E and many other common bacteria found in daily life. 

Renu Bio Life Ltd. says OsolumioTM light initiates a photo-reaction with endogenous non-iron porphyrin molecules found only in microorganisms. The porphyrin molecules are photoactivated. OsolumioTM light frequencies excite the porphyrins, causing a break-off of excess Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). The ROS leads to cell lysis and inactivates the bacteria, preventing it from re-populating the surface or travelling to further surfaces or hosts.
Similarly, OsolumioTM light can suppress the growth of virus by blocking the virus' docking to hosts. Without any hosts to reproduce with, the virus will not be able to survive. 

Renu Bio Life Ltd. added that OsolumioTM would be available in three sizes, so users can conveniently install and use the light everywhere.
The company is launching a crowdfunding campaign. It will begin in March for early backers to take advantage of a special promotion, with various perks and specials on a first-come, first-serve basis, including special pricing.


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